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Dubai Limited (DL) provides finance and funding for large corporations and government on projects generally greater than $5 million and above. We may assist in the preparation of a formal application to obtain suitable project financing / funding for development projects. We receive professional fees for our experience, specialist services and sourcing of financial solutions.


Generally, our clients have projects valued at over $100 million.

We work with major corporations and governments, where security is covered by acceptable

guarantees ,PPI, undertakings, or bank guarantees from an acceptable major bank.

Required Documentation

1. Completed APPLICATION FORMS – submitted for assessment and compliance.

2. PROJECT DETAILS: – Executive Summary, Business Plan, and Feasibility Study.resizedimage300202-interface-management-program-alignment

3. Funding needs: Cash-Flow Analyses, Turnover and Profit expectations.

4. Corporate registration documents and Articles of Association.

5. Copy of Passport of applicants / directors.

6. List of shareholders greater than 5% shareholding.

7. Proof of Funds, equity input or venture capital.


PROCESSING TIME: 6 to 12 weeks depending on the project complexity


Acceptable Projects

– Large Government projects
– Large Industrial projects
– Commercial Buildings and Real Estate
– Education – Universities
– Agricultural projects
– Hospitals, Medical Science
– Alternative Energy projects
– Tourist resorts projects
-Oil and Gas
-Mining and exploration

Project Assistance Strategy. We require a certain amount of essential documentation for compliance assessment and viability. Our funding is targeted for large commercial and government projects.

These projects may include commercial property, factory production, energy, infrastructure, and education, medical and other major projects.

Assessment, Verification, Qualification. The assessment and verification phase could take up to 2 weeks. Standard international banking compliance is applied. The authenticity and viability of the project is assessed and development strategies are analyzed. Projects with a maximum economic advantage are taken into consideration.

Preparation of Documents. Final reporting and document collation is prepared.

Formal and professional applications are prepared, conforming to the bank policy and criteria concerned.

Appraisal, Assessment. The formal application may take between 1 to 2 weeks depending on the project and financial institution or bank concerned. Assessment of project managers, accountability, financial, cash-flow and project development factors are assessed. Draft documents are prepared.

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