about us

Dubai Limited (DL) is a business consultancy and project financier group, providing comprehensive services and project funding solutions. Dubai-Limited is registered under the registry of The registrar of companies of England and Wales with registration number 5156029 .

We aim to provide access to best expertise in project management and the most advanced financing solutions, sourcing unique funding alternatives through capital markets and major banks for challenging situations.

Dubai Limited (DL) specializes in certain areas of project management and financing.We offer the experience and capability of a team that regularly work on some of the most challenging and complex projects around the world.


What We May Offer?

1. Project Management for large scale projects – government and large corporations.
2. Financing for APPROVED commercial development and eco-focused Projects
3. Various financial services through international and private banks in many locations.
4. Financing solutions through major banks and regulated financial groups.
5. Settlement services for major transactions in treasuries.

Who We Are?

1. Is a Consultancy Group: providing access to capital markets for project funding.
2. Facilitators to business and governments requiring Project Funding / Financing.
3. Consultants to assist in the preparation of a formal Project Funding application.

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Albion House 64, Vicar Lane Bradford, West Yorkshire. United Kingdom. BD1 5AH